It is with big regret that we must communicate that the Epicmine project is about to end. We have worked tirelessly for more than a year on a project that we believed could really play an important role in the Epic network, launching a very stable beta version, active for almost six months now, waiting for the notoriety and availability of resources necessary to launch the definitive version, with a unique and revolutionary graphic aspect, several stratum servers around the world and always guaranteed stability, and with various services always active, such as explorer, wallet and fundraisers, but despite this, we could not even reach 10% of the network, indeed, day after day our share is getting lower and lower. We must admit that it is only thanks to some generous donations that we have been able to move forward so far, Epicmine has not been, is not currently and we do not believe that it will ever be able to sustain itself financially. At this point we believe it is useless to ask for further donations that would only postpone a destiny already written. How do you proceed now? Epicmine will remain active until May 17th (inclusive). The stratum servers will be disabled on May 4th to avoid mining and accumulating further Epics on our platform and to allow everyone to empty their wallet as soon as possible. After May 17th it will no longer be possible to receive your funds, so we recommend that you move to another pool as soon as possible and withdraw your funds as soon as your pending balance is fully confirmed. Thanks to those who believed in us from the first moment and to those who chose to mine with us all this time.
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