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    1. What is the purpose of a ranking?
    The main reason why there is a ranking is that the pool doesn't have a fixed mining fee. The ranking allows us to assign a dynamic fee, lower for the most constant and deserving miners in the highest positions.
    2. How can I gain positions?
    Our system automatically assigns a score, the share points. Based on how many share points miners have, the ranking is updated in real time.
    3. Do I get share points by mining with as much power as possible?
    More hashrate or workers you have and more algorithms you mine, more rewards you get, but power is not everything. To favor even those who have a limited power there is the multiplier.
    4. How can I earn share points?
    This score is calculated by multiplying the rewards obtained from mining with a multiplier assigned to each miner.
    5. How can I increase multiplier?
    The multiplier is calculated on the basis of various parameters and can be increased by exploiting these properly. Choose the pool mode. Helping other miners find blocks with you raises the multiplier. Mine more than one algorithm. If you mine Cuckoo together with RandomX or ProgPow you get a higher multiplier. Continuity and stability. Your multiplier can increase by constantly mining without interruptions.
    6. Where can I check my custom mining fee?
    You can check how much you pay for each rewards earned on the rewards page. Your fee will vary, based on your ranking, and can range from % up to %.